Definition of Permits

Definition of Permits

University Parking Permits must be purchased only through Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services located in the Trent Building or online 

Caution:  Parking Permits found or purchased privately may be invalid or illegal.  Permits cannot be transferred or resold.

Definitions of Parking Permits

Permits Definitions Valid Location
Staff Annual Permits
  • will receive a black hangtag permit, valid May - April
black/orange permit areas
Staff Annual 2 Semester
  •  will receive a black 2 semester hangtag permit, valid Sept - May
black/orange permit areas
Motorcycle Permits
  • metal motorcycle tag that must be attached to their back license plate, valid Sept - May
motorcycle areas only
Student Semester Permit
  • will receive a blue hangtag permit, Summer (May - Aug), Fall (Sept - Dec), Winter (Jan -Apr)
blue permit areas only
Student 2 Semester Permit
  • will receive a blue hangtag permit, valid Sept - April
blue permit areas only
Monthly Permits
  • these permits are only available to staff who wish to park for any temporary period of calendar month increments
valid in location printed on pass only
Service Vehicle Permits
  • permits may only be purchased by departments, will receive a hangtag permit, valid May - April
  • Service Vehicle permits are only valid with an Annual Permit
University of Guelph Service Vehicle spots and Black/Orange areas
Commercial Service Permits
  • may purchase an annual permit, a monthly scratch permit or daily permit
Commercial Service spots, U of G service spots & black/orange areas
Staff Premium Permits
  • will receive a red hangtag permit allowing parking on an annual basis, not pro-rated or refundable
one reserved, specially-assigned zone.
Visitor Parking Booklets
  • can be purchased in booklets of 10 or 5 daily passes, you scratch the appropriate day and month, one time use per permit, valid (May - Apr), no refundable
black/orange areas
Temporary Permits
  • prepaid permit holders may obtain a temporary permit, at no cost, if they have forgotten their parking permit or are using a vehicle not registered to their permit (limit 1 per semester.  These permits are not available for commercial vehicles)
valid in same location as your valid permit
Daily Parking Permits
  • will receive a printable permit valid only for the date printed on permit
valid in location printed on pass only

All permits must be clearly displayed on the rear view mirror, failure to clearly display your permit will result in a No Valid permit violation.