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     A new carpool program has been introduced at the University of Guelph as part of our Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDM). The University of Guelph actively promotes alternate modes of transportation including: walking, bicycling, and the use of public transit to access the campus.
     Similar carpooling programs are already being utilized at other universities including Queen's, McMaster, York, Brock and the University of Toronto. Carpooling programs will help to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles travelling to campus. The benefits of such programs include: financial savings, health and environmental advantages, and a centrally located parking space. Our Carpool area on the central campus will be coexisting with the Pay-as-You-Park area located in the kiosk area of Parking Lot P31. The Carpool area on the West side of campus will be situated adjacent to the premium parking area of parking lot P26 (North side of the Dairy Barn) and P30 (north side of lot).
After you have agreed with a minimum of 2 other individuals (total of 3) to form a carpool group, visit the Parking Services Office on Trent Lane (Security Services Building) during normal business hours. All members must come in person, preferably at the same time, to register with their individual vehicle ownership/registration. Members must commit to carpooling for a minimum of one semester. No member can be registered in more than one carpool group at a time.

We welcome your comments or suggestions. Please contact Shannon Talbot, Assistant Manager, Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services at extension 53173, or email

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