Staff - Guelph Transit Bus Passes

City of Guelph LogoTransit Pass Pilot Project

Transit Pass Pilot Project has been extended and will continue until further notice!!!!

We are pleased to announce that in conjunction with the City of Guelph a reduced rate.  Guelph Transit monthly pass is available to all full time and part time employees at the University of Guelph.

Reduced Guelph Transit Pass Rates
Passes Rates (Including Taxes)
Guelph Transit Staff Passes

$68.00 effective Feb 1st, 2016

Guelph Transit Staff Passes - Payroll Deduction $68.00 effective Feb 1st, 2016

Transit Passes are not available on-line. Please come to Parking Services with your employee card in order to purchase a Guelph Transit pass. 

Passes are usually available a week prior to the beginning of the month. 

Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Debit, cash, cheque or through payroll deduction.  These passes are not pro-rated and are non-refundable.

Our new "transit hub" located at the University Center offers a safe and efficient facility for transporting thousands of people daily, both by city and inter-city transit carriers. Every fully loaded bus is equivilant to 50 less cars on our roadways and parking lots. Since switching from driving to transit reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 570kg per person per year, the benefits to our environment and health are substantial. If just 10% of our employees choose transit instead of single occupancy driving, the university community would reduce air pollution by 228,000 kg of CO2 per year.

We will continue to improve our campus transportation network through the implementation of various Transportation Demand Management (TDM) initiatives. This ongoing initiative will help improve the campus for years to come.

The continued support and cooperation from the City of Guelph is greatly appreciated in making this project possible.