Staff Permits (Black/Orange Areas)

Sign of Black/Orange Permit AreasBlack & Orange Permit Areas

Black & Orange permit areas can be found throughout campus. 

Many of the black/orange areas also contain meters, premium, service vehicle and medical in the same lots.  Staff/Faculty and Visitors displaying a valid University of Guelph parking permit are allowed to park in the black/orange permit areas between the hours of 0800 to 1700 (8am - 5pm) Monday to Friday, except statutory holidays recognized by the University. 

This also applies to the On-Street Parking Areas on McGilvray Street.  

Permits are not valid at meters, service vehicle, premium or medical spots.  Please read signs carefully.

Some of the main lots containing black/orange areas are:

  • P7 (also a student lot)
  • P9
  • P10
  • P11
  • P12
  • P13 (also student lot)
  • P14/15 (also a student lot)
  • P17 (also a student lot)
  • P18 
  • P19 (also a student lot)
  • P23/24
  • P25
  • P26
  • P59
  • P30 (also a student lot)
  • P64