Carpool Permits

Carpool Permits:

It is the responsibility of the carpool group to transfer the carpool permit between the other authorized vehicles within their carpool group. Only one registered carpool vehicle in each Carpool Group displaying a valid University of Guelph Carpool permit will be allowed access into the reserved Carpool areas at any given time. The carpool area will be considered "reserved"; any unauthorized vehicles will be subject to ticketing and/or tow. The carpool permit must be prominently displayed. Failing to display the permit will result in the ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle. Any ticket and/or towing charges will be assessed to the owner of the violating vehicle. Carpool permits are valid only when at least 3 of the group members occupy the registered Carpool vehicle entering the designated areas.
Carpool permits are subject to the University’s Parking and Traffic Regulations.
     Persons who already possess valid University of Guelph parking permits must surrender them to Parking Services when they become part of a registered carpool group. Applicable refunds will be issued at this time. No member of a registered University of Guelph Carpool group may hold a non carpool University of Guelph parking permit. Daily scratch and display permits are the exception to this policy.
Carpool Parking Permits are valid for the same time frame as the non-carpool annual parking permits (May 1st to the following April 30th). This is the same for annual parking permits. Renewal must take place annually. The carpool group must also supply an updated list of persons and vehicle details upon renewal.