Update Vehicle Information

Adding a Vehicle

Log into our ebusiness website using your central login and password.  You may enter as many vehicles as you like to your account. 

New Vehicle:

To add a new vehicle to your records, select the "Add Vehicle" button. Please enter the details for your new vehicle and then click Next.

Editing Existing vehicles:

To edit an existing vehicle on your records, select the "Add Vehicle" button.  Then re-enter existing license plate with new vehicle information like you are adding a new vehicle.  Our system will update your license plate with the new information.   

Deleting a Vehicle 

You can not delete/remove any vehicles on your account.  If you wish to remove any vehicle(s) please email questions@parking.uoguelph.ca; include your name, staff/student id# and the license plate number that you would like to have removed.  Any outstanding tickets associated with the vehicle being removed will still be your responsibility. 

Vehicles Linked to Permits

When purchasing a permit online, you can only attach one vehicle to the permit.  Monthly, Daily or using a Temporary permit are only valid in the vehicle who's license plate matches on the permit and in our parking system.  If you need to switch vehicles, do not alter the permit; contact Parking Services immediately. 

The plastic hangtag permits (Annual, Semester etc) may be transferred between vehicles.  Please add any vehicles you may be using with your hangtag permit to your account.

If you register a vehicle to your account online or in the office, you are responsible for all violations involving that vehicle including those incurred when a vehicle is being operated by someone other then yourself, with or without your consent. We recommend you do not link your friends vehicles or rental vehicles to your account.