Winter Semester Permits Available for Purchase

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Purchase Your Permit Online!

To avoid the line ups, go to the our Online Permit website and purchase your Winter Commuting Permit now!  

Permits Available to Commuting Students:
Winter Semester Commuting ~ $272.00 (Jan - Apr)
Monthly Commuting ~ $68.00 (Printable Online Permit)
Visitor Scratch Booklets ~ 10 passes $100.00, 5 passes $50.00 (In Office Only)
Or from our home page on our parking website click on "Buy a Permit".  Follow steps carefully to purchase permit.  Please make sure your address, email address and vehicle information is up to date.  You are welcome to add information to your account.  If you need anything removed please email and we will gladly help. 
If you can’t login, we may need to set up an account for you.  Email include your full name, student number and that you are living off campus.   Please be patient when processing your payment, don't use the back button or double click as you may be double charged! 
You may choose to either have your permit mailed to your home address or picked up in our office.  Temporary permits will only be available to print when your permit is active. 
If you purchase your Winter Semester Permit after Dec 26th, you will be able to print off a temporary permit on Jan 1st via your email receipt. This must be displayed on your dash board while we process your permit.  
There are NO PARKING GRACES!  You must have a valid permit/temporary permit displayed at all times or feed a meter.  We will be limiting our permit sales this year. If you require a permit, we recommend purchasing a 2 Semester or Fall Semester permit.  If you do not need it later in the year, we will refund any full outstanding months.  Monthly and Daily permits are non-refundable.  Please make sure you are purchasing the correct month/day.
Commuting Students must park in the Black/Orange Areas on campus. We have restricted overnight parking from Dec 1 – Mar 31 for snow removal.  All vehicles parking on campus overnight must park in P13, P17, P18 and P19 (except for the south west corner).
If you have any questions please contact us at x52118 or email
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