Parking Regulations - Parking Allocations

4. Parking Allocations


4.1. Permit Areas/Zones:  For the purpose of assigning parking on the campus, all parking zones will be assigned as:

4.1.1.Staff Parking (Black/Orange Areas):  Core lots situated in the campus core available to all Faculty and Staff

4.1.2.Student Parking (Blue Areas):  perimeter lots situated in the campus periphery to all Student

4.1.3.Visitor:  lots available to University visitor only

For more information regarding which lots are available in these zones, refer to the CPS General Information Document

4.2. No Parking Areas:  Areas throughout the campus not posted or designated as parking areas will be considered as “No Parking Areas”.  A designated parking space consists of parking between 2 yellow lines. 

4.2.1.Parking in Non-Designated Parking Spots:  The operation or parking of any motor vehicle (including delivery or pick-up) on lawns, pedestrian walkways or other landscaped areas on University property is prohibited unless prior authorization has been received from Parking Services in consultation with Physical Resources.

4.2.2.Parking, stopping or abandonment: Any vehicle parked, stopped or abandoned in such a way as to interfere with the normal business of the University on any of its property, or contrary to signs or parking lot lines is a violation. 

4.2.3.No Stopping: Motorists are not permitted to stop, whether occupied or not, for any reason except to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a Police Officer, Parking Enforcement Officer, or a traffic control sign or signal.

4.3. Restricted Overnight Night Parking:  To facilitate snow removal (whether snow is present or not), the following parking restrictions will apply between December 1 and March 31.

Please reference the CPS General Information Document or the following link for detailed information regarding restricted overnight parking and restricted overnight parking locations.