Parking Regulations - Withdrawal of Parking Privileges

9.  Withdrawal of Parking Privileges

9.1. Outstanding Fines:  Until all outstanding fines are paid, a new parking permit will not be issued. Outstanding fines can be applied to accounts through vehicle license plate numbers. Registered owners of vehicles are traced through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Any applicable search charges will also be applied to the account. The University may take action against persons found in default of fines through:

9.1.1. Lost Parking Privileges:  Withdrawal of parking privileges and subsequent towing of offending vehicles at the owner/operator’s expense.
9.1.2. Sanctions:  Account transferred to Student Financial Services for Academic Sanction.
9.1.3. Collections:  Submission of account to an outside 3rd party collection agency.

For more information regarding Violations and Fine Schedules, refer to