Appeal Procedure - 1. Appeal Procedure


1. Appeal Procedure

1.1 Appealable & Non-Appealable Violations

Appealable Violations


Arboretum Road

 Abandoned Vehicle

Blocking/Parking on Sidewalk

 Accessible Parking Only

Driving on Unauthorized Areas

 Fire Route/Fire Hydrant

Expired Meter

 Illegal Permit

Failure to Link Plate

 Illegal Permit – Retiree Permit 

License Plate – Unreadable        

 Lost Parking Privileges


 No Valid Permit

Multiple Vehicles

 Restricted Bus Area

No Parking Zone


No Stopping Zone


Premium Parking


Restricted Overnight


Service Vehicle


Valid Permit – Not Displayed


Wrong Colour Zone




  1.2Grounds for an Appeal: A valid appeal may only be based on the contention that a violation was issued contrary to the Parking Regulations or in error. Ignorance of the STPS Parking Regulations does not constitute grounds for an appeal

1.3 Submit Appeals:  Requests may be assessed by Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services (STPS) prior to review by the Parking Appeals Committee. 
1.3.1 Appeals must be submitted online within fourteen (14) calendar days of the ticket issue date. 

1.4 Writing an Appeal:  The following are some suggestion for writing an effective appeal.

1.4.1.  Keeping the information as brief as possible while still providing pertinent information and addressing the specific issue for which the violation or decision was issued.
1.4.2.  Tangential matters cannot and will not be considered.  Avoid editorializing.
1.4.3.  Avoid confusing parking issues with issues of security.
1.4.4.  Remember, decisions are not usually changed and appeals are not usually granted for any of the following or similar reasons:

  • "Everyone parks there, and I am the only one who got a ticket"
  • "I thought it was a parking space" or "I didn't know (see the sign)"
  • "I've parked there for the last 5 weeks (months, years, etc.) and I've never been ticketed before"
  • "I (My friend, My sick friend, etc.) had to use the washroom" or
  • "How was I suppose to know it was going to snow last night?"

1.5 Appeal Outcomes:  Correspondence will be sent via email from the Appeal Committee regarding the outcome.  All decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee ARE FINAL.

1.6 Re-Appeals:   Re-appeals are at the discretion of the Appeal Committee and will only be permitted if new information is requested.

For further information on how to appeal a ticket, refer to the STPS website