Paybyphone - Daily Permits

Picture of Paybyphone Parking Sign***** Daily Flat Rate Permits have been suspended in some locations for purchase *****

Paybyphone Daily Permits

After you have registered and followed the steps under How do I pay by phone:

Rather then paying by the hour at meters you have the option to park in the outer lots and pay a flat rate of $10 per day. 

     4289 ~ Outer Lot - $10 flat fee day pass (valid in P19 & P59 only) 

     4293 ~ P13 only - $10 flat fee day pass

     4295 ~ P30 only - $10 flat fee day pass

This works the same as a daily permit.  Park in a legal black/orange or blue area in P19, P13, P30 or P59 only.  There are signs located through out those lots.  After you have processed your payment you may park for the remainder of the day.