Contractors & Subcontractors Permit Parking Rates - 2019

Definition of a "Contractor/Sub-Contractor"

Parking Services definition of a "Contractor/Sub-Contractor" was any person(s) or Commercial Firms attending or working on the University of Guelph but is not employed by the University of Guelph.

May 2019 - April 2020

Contractors & Subcontractors Permit Parking Rates
Permits Rates (taxes included)
Annual Commercial Service (May - Apr) * not available online $1113.55
Monthly Commercial Service *not available online $92.80
Motorcycle (May - Apr) flat rate $87.54
Monthly Permit (P13/P30 & P18 Only) *not available online $68.00
Daily Permit (P13/P30 & P18 Only) *not available online flat rate $10.00
Daily Service Vehicle Permit **not available on-line flat rate $16.00

* prices pro-rated per calendar month (see prices broken down per month click on permit name)