Red Zone Permit Parking Rates - 2020/2021

Permit Availability and Parking Rates are subject to change due to COVID-19

May 2020 - April 2021

Red Zone Permit Parking Rates
Permits Monthly Rates (taxes included)
Annual - Red Zone Permit (Sept - Apr) $85.00
Payroll Deduction - Red Zone Permit  (Sept - Ongoing) $85.00
Annual 2 Semester - Red Zone Permit  (Sept- Apr)  $85.00
3 Month Permit - Red Zone Permit (Sept - Nov, Jan - Mar) $85.00
Fall Commuting - Red Zone Permit (Sept - Dec)  $85.00
Winter Commuting - Red Zone Permit (Jan - Apr)  $85.00
Monthly - Red Zone Permit $85.00
Daily - Red Zone Permit flat rate $12.50


Red Zone Permit Parking:  Basic Interior Parking

  • Red zone permit parking is basic parking with parking spaces in the interior red zone parking lots.
  • Red zones are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to red zone permit-holders during posted hours of operation.
  • Red zones are not guaranteed to have availability, particularly during peak demand periods.
  • In the unlikely event that every red zone parking lot becomes full, red zone permit-holders may use some black zone parking lots, as overflow without additional charge.
  • For greater clarity, the following yellow zone parking lots are not available for such overflow: P14, P15 and P19.
  • Red zone permits may be oversubscribed by up to 20%.
  • If interest or demand for Red zone parking exceeds availability, a wait list may be maintained.

Signing Up for Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction will continue on an ongoing basis unless you decide to cancel your payroll deduction/ permit.

  • Deductions are taken from the 2nd pay of every month for the following month (deductions taken in September are for October Parking).
  • Depending of when you first sign up for payroll, you may have 2 deductions the first month.

Cancelling Payroll Deduction

  • If you no longer wish to be on payroll deduction please fill out the Permit Cancellation Form.
  • Cancelling your Payroll Deduction Permit for the new year fiscal year (May) must be done by April 1st.
  • If you have purchased a monthly permit, you will have the opportunity to purchase the next months permit before they become available for general purchasing.
  • If you do not purchase it by the 3rd business day of the next month, you will need to wait until they are open for general purchasing.
  • If there is a waitlist for this permit, you will need to be added to the list in order to be able to purchase again.
  • Monthly and Daily Permits are non-refundable
  • Semester and 2 Semester permits are non-refundable for Dec and April. 
  • Annual and Payroll Deduction Permits are non-refundable for Dec.
  • If you do not require a permit for the month of December or April, we recommend you purchase the 3 month permit or monthly permits.
  • If you want to cancel your permit, please fill out the Permit Cancellation Form.