Appeal Procedure

How do I submit an Appeal?

Appeals must be submitted on-line at  within fourteen days of the ticket's issue.  

Can I Appeal any type of Violation?

Not all violations qualify for appeal. Please refer to the STPS General Information Document and the STPS Appeal Procedure for more information on appealable and non-appealable violations. 

What members are on the Appeal Committee?

The Appeal Committee is comprised of members from various bargaining and student groups on campus and is a separate entity from the office of Sustainable Transportation & Planning Services.

When does the Appeal Committee Meet?

The Appeals Board meets every second Thursday during September - April.  During the summer semester approximately once a month.

What will happen to my ticket when it is on Appeal?

Your ticket will be frozen when on appeal status. Once the Appeal Committee responds to you, you then have 14 days to pay your ticket before it becomes outstanding. 

How will I hear from the Appeal Committee?

Unless otherwise specified, correspondence from the Appeals Board will be sent via email.

Can I meet with the Committee in Person?

No, all appeals are processed either by your written appeal or the online appeal process.