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Parking Services
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1. Public Transit Information - Strike & Staff Bus Pass Refund
2. Parking Closure
3. Community Car Share Program
4. Construction Projects Campus Wide
5. STARTonline.ca
6. Trouble Finding Parking??
7. Student CarShare Program
8. Fall Semester & 2 Semester Permits




Parking Closure

The Parking Office will be:

Wednesday, July 30th closed from 12:45pm - 2:15pm, open 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Online Services are available. Permit sales for September will be available July 28/14!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Student CarShare Program

Starting September Student Car Share Program will becoming to campus. There are 3 parking spaces provided in P13 north/west corner.

If you would like more informaton please click here




Public Transit Information

Staff Bus Pass Refunds - Please bring your staff bus pass for July to the Parking Office for a 50% refund. We will be refunding onto Visa, MC or Debit. If you paid for your pass via payroll deduction or cash we will refund back onto your credit card or debit. Thanks

Guelph Transit service is experiencing a labour disruption today,  Monday, July 21. There will be no Guelph Transit bus service in the City of Guelph, including to the University of Guelph.

In addition, both Greyhound and GO Transit buses will not be entering the University’s bus loop, and will be picking and dropping off passengers in different locations.

We recognize that it will be difficult, especially in the first couple of days, for students, faculty and staff who use Guelph Transit to get to the University as they make alternative arrangements.

After July 22, people may pay for daily parking at Visitor Pay lots, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis or purchase daily or monthly permits from the Parking Office. For more information about visitor parking lots and daily rates click here

The University will continue to monitor the campus parking situation, and free up additional lots for daily paid parking if needed.

Guelph Transit riders are encouraged to plan ahead and allow extra time to get to their destination. Please monitor Guelph Transit’s website, http://guelph.ca/living/getting-around/bus, for updates and information.

GO Transit

Temporary Stops and re-routing during the Guelph Transit lockout:

GO Transit will be stopping along both sides of Gordon Street just south of South Ring Road (in front of and across from the Campus Child Care Co-operative of Guelph).

Route 29; from Aberfoyle it will continue on Gordon Ave to stop north of Stone Rd then continue to Guelph Central GO 

Route 48: from Aberfoyle will continue on Gordon Ave to stop north of Stone Rd then follow:

·         Gordon Ave to College Ave

·         right on College to East Ring Rd

·         right on East Ring Rd to South Ring Rd

·         right on South Ring Rd to Gordon Ave  

·         left on Gordon Ave to stop on Gordon 

Route 31 will start on Gordon Ave stop north of Stone Rd


Greyhound buses will be stopping at existing Greyhound pick up/drop off locations along Gordon Street in front of OVC, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, and the Harvard Plaza (just south of the Stone Road/Gordon Street intersection).

Red Car Service








Community Car Share Program

Community Car Share Program is starting on campus this summer!!!
For more information click here





Construction Projects Campus Wide

We have undertaken a greater amount of construction and maintenance related projects this summer. Main areas effected South Ring Road, P59, Dundas Lane and Winegard Walk. Construction will be completed by end of summer. In addition, sidewalk(s), parking lots and roadway repair will be ongoing until fall.

Thanks for your cooperation!






New Students looking for more information about the University, check out:STARTonline logo





Trouble Finding Parking??


Having Trouble Finding Parking click here




Fall Semester & 2 Semester Permits

Commuting/Residence Semester Permits and 2 Semester Permits will be available for purchase online starting July 28th.

There are no parking graces!