General Information - Definitions

2. Definitions

2.1 Campus Parking Services: will be referred to as CPS throughout this document

2,2 Department:  Any department or University Group recognized by Human Resources on campus

2.3  Retired Staff/Faculty:  retirees who are not being paid by the University

2.4 Staff/Faculty: For the purposes of issuing parking permits, a faculty or staff member is defined as an employee holding either a regular full-time, part-time or contract appointment, with the University.  Persons whose employment is limited to a student appointment or in a capacity that is connected to their studies at the University are eligible to purchase student parking passes, only.

2.5 Students:  A person registered in an undergraduate or graduate program proceeding towards a degree, a diploma or a certificate at the University of Guelph, or otherwise taking credit and/or non-credit courses offered by the University.  This does not include individuals eligible to purchase faculty and staff permits. 

2.6 Users: person who is parking on campus no matter the method of payment.

2.7 Visitor:  Any persons visiting or working on campus, but not employed by the University