Campus Parking Services - COVID-19

Effective Monday March 23, the Parking Office will be working remotely! 

Please email  If you have an urgent matter please call 226-820-5030.  If it is an emergency please call Campus Police at 519-824-4120 x52000

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, Parking Services is pleased to announce that there will be no charge for parking on-campus until further notice.


Students and staff will also be refunding permit parking permit-holders 50% of the cost that they were charged for the month of March. Unfortunately, there will be no other refunds for daily parking, visitor scratch booklets, and bus passes.


And while there will be no charge for parking, parking enforcement will continue to the extent appropriate, e.g. obstruction of fire routes or loading/ unloading zones and inappropriate use of accessible parking.


Permit Cancellations Process:

We are not requesting you return your physical permit if you are are cancelling your parking permit.  Please fill out the Permit Cancellation Request Form.  Parking Services will get back to your shortly with details pertaining to your permit cancellation.  Refunds will be processed where applicable. Due to the high volume of requests it may take 3 - 5 business days for us to process your refund.  We thank you for your patience during this time.

Payroll Deduction Cancellations:

Staff on Payroll Deduction DO NOT need to fill out the permit cancellation form.  Your permit will be cancelled automatically and the refund processed back onto your payroll account.


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Campus Parking Services hopes you have a wonderful time visiting our spacious and friendly campus.  We have large areas of green lawns and a variety of modern and traditional architecture. The 330-hectare (817-acre) site features Victorian turrets, modern concrete, glass and steel, hand-hewn century limestone, brick walkways, and landscaped plazas.

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