Parking Regulations - Permits


5.1. Permit Availability: CPS reserves the right to discontinue or limit the number of permits available to purchase at any time. 

5.2. Permit Displayed:  All permits must be displayed above the dashboard, preferably hanging from the rear view mirror, and clearly visible through the windshield.  Permits displayed on dashboard, must be displayed on the driver's side, with expiry date, month and/or day clearly visible. 

5.3. Permits Lost/Stolen/Damaged/Forged: 

5.3.1.Lost/Stolen Permits:  should be reported immediately to CPS.  Permits may be replaced upon completing an affidavit, including an administrative fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) at the Parking Services office.

5.3.2.Illegible/Damaged Permits:  Illegible or damaged permits may be replaced free of charge at the CPS, providing identifiable parts of the old permit are produced at the time of replacement. 

5.3.3.Displaying Lost/Stolen/Forged Permits:  The possession of any cancelled, lost, stolen, forged or altered permits is an offence and will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense and immediate seizure of the permit. The vehicle owner/operator, and/or the registered owner of the permit, may be charged under these Regulations with Lost Parking Privileges on campus. The responsibility of establishing the validity of parking permits shall lie with the individual.

5.4. Refunds:  Permit holders leaving the University and requesting a pro-rated refund must do so by bringing in their permit in person to CPS.

5.4.1.Pro-Rated Permits:  returned to CPS will be refunded on a pro-rated basis calculated from the first day of the month following surrender.  Permit holders who retain their permits, during their absence from campus, will not receive a refund until the permit is returned to Parking Services.  Calculations for a refund will be determined upon the date of return.  Partial months are non-refundable.

5.4.2.Payroll Deduction Permits:  Faculty/Staff members, on approved leave of absence and paying parking fees via payroll deduction, must surrender their permit to CPS for suspension of the payroll deduction.  Permit holders who retain their permits, during their absence from campus, will be responsible for all accrued parking fee(s).  Any outstanding parking fees will be deducted from wages upon return to work.  To suspend new permit issuance for the forthcoming year we require notification prior to April 25th via email.

5.4.3.Permits Not Returned:  Permit holders who terminate from the University and retain their parking permit are hereby advised that the permit will be revoked and any individual found using the permit will be charged for displaying an illegal permit (ref to sec 8 .11.3 & sec 8.11.4 of the CPS General Information Document.). The individual registered to the permit will also be responsible for any outstanding fees.

5.4.4.Non-Refundable Permits:  The following permits are non-refundable: all flat rate permits (including Premium Permits, and Motorcycle Permits), Visitor Scratch Booklets, Monthly Scratch Permits, Commercial Service Permits, Daily, Online Daily, and Online Monthly Permits.  Any permit(s) that is seized due to Lost Parking Privileges is non-refundable.

5.5. Required Permit Hours:  Only vehicles displaying a valid University of Guelph parking permit are allowed to park in the colour-coded parking zones between the hours of 0800 to 1700 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays recognized by the University.