Commercial Service Permits Breakdown

May 2020 - April 2021

Flat Rate Permits

Permits Rate (including tax)
Daily Commercial Service $20.00
Commercial Service Monthly* $92.80

 * Monthly permits are a calendar month

Prorated Cost of Annual Commercial Service Permit per month
Month Rate (including tax)
May                                        $1113.55
June $1020.75
July $927.96
August $835.16
September $742.36
October $649.57
November $556.77
December $463.98
January $371.18
February $278.39
March $185.59
April $92.80

Annual Commercial Service permits are prorated per calendar month.  When purchasing a permit you must calculate the number of days left in the month, depending on the number of days left will determine if it is more cost effective to purchase the whole month or daily permits.

When purchasing a permit online if you are wanting the price for the next month, you must purchase it on or after the 2nd last business day of the previous month.  Example: Purchasing for March, purchase it on Feb 26th or later the price will now be the March rate.  If you purchase it on Feb 25th, you will pay the whole price of Feb.