Definition of a Student

Picture of Johnson Green Foot PathParking Services definition of a "Student"

A student is a person registered in an undergraduate or graduate program proceeding towards a degree, a diploma or a certificate at the University of Guelph, or otherwise taking credit and/or non-credit courses offered by the University.

Commuting Student

A commuting student is any student who does not live in residence.  They are classified a commuting student whether they are driving from their home Guelph or outside of Guelph. Family Housing residents are classified as a commuting student/staff.

Family Housing

If you are living in Family Housing you will require a Family Housing Parking Permit which must be purchased from their department. To park on campus you will require an additional commuting parking permit from Parking Services.  Your Family Housing Permit is not valid in any of the black/orange permits areas, service areas, premium, meters and medical areas on campus. 

Residence Student

A residence student is any student who lives in any of the University of Guelph Residences or any of the University Grad Houses.  You must have a residence parking permit to park in any of the residence lots or at any of the University Grad Houses.