Departmental Premium Permit Application

Departmental Premium Parking Permit Application

Departments purchasing a Departmental Premium Parking Permit will receive a special permit to allow parking on an annual basis with one reserved, specially-assigned zone.  These permits do not allow parking in Medical or Service Vehicle parking zones or Pay-as-You-Park facilities without appropriate payment.  Premium Parking Permits are not pro-rated or refundable. 

Premium Permit(s) paid by departmental funding/grant funding must be sign by the Chair/Dean then your Vice President before Parking Services can process it.

Previously premium permits were a two-part permit, this year we are moving to an one-part set up.  If your department presently has a premium permit(s), you will be guaranteed your location for next year.  If you would like to change locations please contact Parking Services.  After all premium permits are processed for the new year, we will then move people on first come, first serve basis.  There are waiting lists for particular lots.

Acceptance and Use of a Parking Permit Acknowledges compliance with the terms and conditions of the University of Guelph Parking and Traffic Regulations

Please email form to after all signatures are required.

Departmental Premium Permit Rate
Permit Rate
Departmental Premium Permit  $1294.11


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