Carpool Conditions of Use

University of Guelph Carpool Program: Conditions of Use

A Carpool group will:
          • Consist of a minimum of 3 (three) and maximum of 5 (five) people who will travel together. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate carpool groups that use vehicles, i.e. vans, with seatbelt capabilities greater than 5 (five).
          • Be full time, or part-time, University of Guelph community members (off campus students, faculty or staff)
          • Live off campus
          • Have registered with Carpool program
          • Register with Parking Services. All group members must attend in person and furnish their vehicle ownership/registration, student or employee numbers, addresses, departments, telephone numbers, email addresses (both home & office). This information will be attached to the carpool group's account.

     One carpool permit will be issued to a designated individual within the Carpool group. The group can decide who will hold the membership. The remaining carpool group members, and their respective vehicle information form part of the carpool permit database. It is the responsibility of the carpool group to arrange between themselves as to how they operate their group, i.e. which vehicle is being used, times and locations for pickup and drop-off, and payment for the carpool permit. The designated person is the one responsible for the carpool group and is also the main contact with Parking Services.