How to Use Paybyphone

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PayByPhone parking allows customers to initiate and extend their parking sessions by making a phone call, using a mobile phone application, or logging in online. It is fast, easy, and convenient.

Once you register for an account, you use this service for any sign across the University of Guelph campus. All of our meters on campus have been changed to a PaybyPhone sign.

PayByPhone can also be used at:

  • MTO signs

  • Electric Vehicle charging stations

  • Motorcycle parking (motorcycles only)

You must park in front of the Paybyphone sign and pay using the appropriate location code on the sign.

  •     No need for cash or coins
  •     Text message reminders
  •     Extend your time from anywhere by phone
  •     View and print parking receipts online
  •     Easy to use mobile apps

Before you use PayByPhone, you must first register for an account.

  •     Smartphones:  Download App directly from your app store. 
  •     Online: Visit * CAUTION - Please ensure you ONLY use There has been an increase in "sponsored" websites that appear similar. 
  •     Call: 1-866-234-7275

You will need to provide the following information:

  •     Phone number (mobile or landline)
  •     Credit card number (VISA or MasterCard)
  •     License plate number

Your details are saved and automatically recognized each time you pay by phone.

Step 1: When you park

You have several options to pay:

  •     Smartphones: Visit or download the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app.
  •     Online: Visit
  •     Call: 1-866-234-7275

Step 2: Enter location number

Your location number is posted on a paybyphone signs at your location or within the lot.  Each area has it's own unique code!

Step 3: Enter parking time

Select how long you would like to purchase parking for.

The parking cost will be automatically charged to the credit card associated with your account. You can also receive optional text message alerts to be notified when your session is about to expire (carrier rates apply).

You can extend the length of your parking session without returning to your vehicle, but will be limited to the maximum duration permitted under local area parking restrictions. For example, you will not be permitted to extend the duration of your parking session beyond one hour in an area with a maximum one-hour time limit.

  •     Parking costs are automatically charged to the credit card associated with your account.
  •     You can receive optional text message alerts when your session is about to expire (carrier rates apply).
  •     You are limited to the maximum parking duration permitted under local area parking restrictions.
  •     Parking time is not transportable from one location to another.
  •     You must enter the location number of the sign directly in front of your vehicle.
  •     Parking enforcement officers have access to a real-time list of who has paid by phone – please pay before leaving your vehicle unattended

1.  How does the Parking Enforcement Officer know I’ve paid by phone?

Parking Enforcement Officers have access to a real-time list of paid vehicles and licence plate numbers at each location through a handheld device.

2.  How does early payment work when using PayByPhone?

PayByPhone can be used by customers remotely and in real-time, which provides customers with the ability to pay for parking at anytime and anywhere once the paid parking period has commenced. Following all regulatory signage and restrictions, customers can still park at a location prior to the paid parking period beginning. To pay for parking using one of PayByPhone’s several payment options, customers simply note the 5 digit location number to initiate payment once the paid parking period begins.

3. How do I add an additional vehicle to my account? 

You add or edit vehicles to your account using one of the mobile phone applications, by logging in online at, or by calling 1-866-234-7275.

4.  Is it safe to do a credit card transaction on a mobile phone?

Yes. Your credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and is never entered, displayed, or spoken during a transaction.

5.  Do I get a receipt?

Yes. You can view all your transactions by logging onto your account at E-mail receipts are also available if you select the feature on your profile.

6.  Does paying by phone cost extra?

Registering for an account is free.

Normal parking charges and mobile phone rates apply, plus a service fee of 35 cents will be charged to your credit card per transaction.

7.  Do text message reminders cost extra?

No. (Note: Additional charges may apply depending on your mobile phone carrier.)

8.  Who do I contact if I’m having technical problems?

A PayByPhone customer service representative can be reached at 1-866-234-7275, or by emailing

Rates Payment Options
$20.50 Daily Maximum (per location) with $0.45 transaction fee Visa, MasterCard
$3.25 per hour with $0.45 transaction fee Visa, MasterCard


Paybyphone Code by Location and Type
Lot Parking Area Paybyphone Code Interval Payment
P01 MTO Only 416301 per hour
P02 MTO Only 416303 per hour
P03 Visitor Area 408901 per hour
P04 EV Only 416333 per hour, 4 HR max.
  MTO Only 416302 per hour
P05 MTO Only 416304 per hour
  Visitor Area 408902 per hour
P08 MTO Only 416305 per hour
  Visitor Area 408903 per hour
P09 MTO Only 416306 per hour
  Visitor Area 408904 per hour
P10 MTO Only 416307 per hour
P11 MTO Only 416308 per hour
P12 MTO Only 416309 per hour
  EV Only 416354 (not active) per hour, 4 HR max
  Visitor Area 416332 per hour
  Student Wellness Only 416348 per hour
P13 MTO Only 416310 per hour
P15 MTO Only 416311 per hour
  EV Only 416340 per hour, 4 HR max
  Visitor Area 408905 per hour
P16/Dundas Lane MTO Only 416312 per hour
  Visitor Area 408906 per hour
P20 MTO Only 416313 per hour
  Visitor Area 408907 per hour
P21 MTO Only 416314 per hour
  Visitor Area 408908 per hour
P23 MTO Only 416315 per hour
  EV Only 416341 per hour, 4 HR max.
  Visitor Area 408909 per hour
P25 MTO Only 416316 per hour
  Visitor Area 408910 per hour
P26 MTO Only 416317 per hour
  Visitor Area 408911 per hour
P27 MTO Only 416318 per hour
P29 MTO Only 416319 per hour
  Visitor Area 408912 per hour
P30 EV Only 416342 per hour, 4 HR max.
P31 EV Only 416343 per hour, 4 HR max.
P32 MTO Only 416350 per hour
  Visitor Area 408913 per hour
P33 MTO Only 416349 per hour
  Visitor Area 416346 per hour
P34 MTO Only 416320 per hour
  Visitor Area 408914 per hour
P35 Visitor Area 408915 per hour
P36 MTO Only 416321 per hour
P42 MTO Only 416322 per hour
  Visitor Area 416347 per hour
P47 Visitor Area 408916 per hour
P48 MTO Only 416323 per hour
  EV Only 416344 per hour
P49 MTO Only 416324 per hour
  EV Only 416345 per hour, 4 HR max
P51 MTO Only 416325 per hour
  Visitor Area 408917 per hour
P59 MTO Only 416326 per hour
  EV Only 416351 per hour, 4 HR max.
P62 MTO Only 416330 per hour
P64 MTO Only 416327 per hour
  Visitor Area 416327 per hour
East Ring Rd MTO Only 416329 per hour
  Visitor Area 408920 per hour
McGilvray St Visitor Area 416335 per hour
Motorcycle Motorcycle Areas Only 416339 flat rate

Permits are not valid at Visitor Paybyphone areas.