Restricted Overnight Parking

Restricted Overnight Parking Chart
Overnight Parking Allowed Overnight Parking Allowed with Exceptions No Overnight Parking 1am - 6am No Overnight Parking  3am - 6am
P1 P19 - except south/west corner P10 P2 P3
P4 (aka P1C) P25 - paybyphone areas only P15 P5 P7
P13 P64 - paybyphone areas only P23 P8 P9
P17 P30 - horse trailer areas only P26 P11 P12
P18   P30 P14 P16
Staff with Overnight Permits   Dundas Lane P20 P21
    East Ring Road P25 P27
    McGilvray Street P28 P29
      P33 (aka P29A) P31
      P32 P34
      P35 P36
      P42 P44
      P47 P48
      P49 P51
      P59 P62
      P64 P67