Attended Visitor Parking Lots

The University has 2 Attended Visitor Parking Lots on campus.

P31 - Kiosk Area

Is located in P31 North/East Corner, on South Ring Road

P44 - Kiosk Area

P44 off College Avenue between War Memorial Hall and Mills Hall. 

You must stop at the Kiosk Booth for payment upon entry of lot.

The lots are attended from 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday.

Arriving Before 8am.

If you arrive before 8am, and the attendant is not there, the attendant will leave an envelope on your windshield.  Stop at the booth on your way out (with the envelope found on windshield) to make payment.

Leaving After 4pm

If leaving after the attendant has left for the day and you have an envelope on your windshield, you may pay for your days parking at Campus Parking Services or online the following day.


Daily Rate Payment Options
$20.00/day Flat rate (tax included) Visa, MasterCard, Debit

Fail to stop and make payment with the Attendant will result in a violation being issued for "Fail to pay parking fee at kiosk" per the PR Policy 1.2.23: Traffic and Parking & PR Policy 1.2.23: Parking Summary of Violations & Infractions. In addition to the violation, payment will still be required on exit of the attended area.