HONK mobile APP

The University has 5 designated Visitor Parking Lots on campus.

P31 - HONK Mobile Payment Area 
Is located in P31 North/East Corner, on South Ring Road

P44 - HONK Mobile Payment  Area
P44 off College Avenue between War Memorial Hall and Mills Hall. 

P1 is off Christie Lane by Alexander Hall

OVC Small Animal Clinic (P67)
P67 is off College ave between Gordon street and Smith Lane

Guelph Turf Institute (P70)
P70 is off College area by the Arboretum/ Victoria Road

Payment is required from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday.

Step 1:  When you park

You have several options to pay:

  • Download HONK mobile app from the apple store or google play
  • Tap your phone or scan the QR code on one of the HONK signs located within the lots. 
QR Codes for HONK area on Campus
Location P31
Kiosk Area


ZONE 5451 5452 5453 5450 5453
QR CODE QR code for P31 Kiosk Area QR code for P44 QR code for P1 QR code for OVC  


Step 2:  Enter Zone ID

  • The zone ID is posted on the HONK signs located within the lot.
  • If you have tapped the sign, Zone ID will already be selected for you
  • Each area has it's own unique ID!

Step 3:  Enter parking time

  • Select how long you would like to purchase parking for

Step 4:  Add vehicle information

  • Enter vehicle license plate, and tap "Add vehicle" button

Step 5:  Add Credit Card

  • Tap on "New Credit Card" (if you have not already set up a credit card in app previously)
  • Then tap on "Credit or Debit", enter card number, card CVV, card expiry date and zip code
  • Tap on "Add Card"

Step 6:  Payment

  • On checkout page, verify information is correct - plate number, start/end time, payment method.
  • If correct, click on "Pay and Park"
  • The parking fee will be charged to your method of payment.  You can also receive optional text messages/alerts to be notified when your session is about to expire (carrier rates apply).
  • You can extend the length of your parking session without returning to your vehicle, but will be limited to the maximum duration permitted under local area parking restrictions.




(effective May 1, 2023)

Payment Options
$20.50 per day with $0.35 transaction fee* Visa, MasterCard, Debit
$3.25 per hour with $0.35 transaction fee* Visa, MasterCard, Debit

*taxes included