Linking Vehicles to Permits Online

Vehicles Linked to Permits

When purchasing a permit online, you can attach uo to three (3) vehicles to the permit.  Monthly and Daily Permits are a virtural permit and do not require you to print a permit.  All license plate(s) must be linked to any/all of your permits to avoid being ticketed.

The plastic hangtag permits (Annual, Semester etc) may be transferred between vehicles.  Please add any vehicles you may be using with your hangtag permit to your account.

How to Add A Vehicle to Your Permit:

  • Go to login in using your central login and password. 
  • Under Permits click on "View Your Permits"
  • Then click on any of the Permit Numbers that you need to link your vehicle to your permit.
  • You will be able to view your permit details.  On the bottom of the page there is "Add Vehicles to Permits" button, click on this.  
  • Link any vehicles that are associated to your account that you would like to link.  Then click "Return to Permit"
  • If your vehicle is not listed, click on "Add a new vehicle" button.
  • Proceed to fill in the required information, then click next.  The vehicle will now be linked to your permit.  

If you register a vehicle to your account online or in the office, you are responsible for all violations involving that vehicle including those incurred when a vehicle is being operated by someone other then yourself, with or without your consent. We recommend you do not link your friends vehicles or rental vehicles to your account.