General Information - General Information

3. General Information

3.1.About the University

The University of Guelph main campus is considered private property. The University reserves the right to control parking and traffic on the campus, to prohibit access to any vehicle, and to restrict parking privileges at any time, in any parking lot, for any reason. In such instances, every attempt will be made to provide alternate parking, and when possible, advance notice will be given.

3.2.Contractual Obligation

The University of Guelph has no legal or contractual obligation to provide parking accommodation and assumes no responsibility for any damage or theft to a motor vehicle, any loss of vehicle, or its contents while on campus.

3.3.Designated Pedestrian Areas

Campus sidewalks, pathways, pedestrian walkways, grassed or landscaped areas are designated as pedestrian areas and as such are closed to motorized vehicular traffic with the exception of vehicles authorized by Physical Resources and/or the Campus Community Police.

3.4.Permit Ownership

Permits remain the property of the University and may be cancelled and parking privileges revoked at any time by the University. All vehicles displaying a permit should be registered with Campus Parking Services.  Expired Permits must be removed from vehicle and either returned to Parking Services or destroyed.