Parking Regulations - Regulations


3.1. Authority:  The University of Guelph Reserves the right to amend these regulations and will publicize any changes.  These regulations supersede all previous regulations. It is the responsibility of the owner or operator of a vehicle to be aware of signage posted at parking lots and individual parking spaces, and to comply with these regulations.   

3.2. Environmental or Safety Hazard:  Any vehicle considered an environmental or safety hazard (i.e. leaking gas, etc.) will be subject to immediate tow away at owner/operator's risk and expense.

3.3. Fire Route/ Fire Hydrant: 

3.3.1.Fire Route: vehicles are not permitted to park in a designated Fire Route.  Fire Routes are located across campus and are clearly identified by signage.  All roadways on campus are designated as fire routes, this includes both sides of the roadway.

3.3.2.Fire Hydrant: Parking within three (3) meters of a fire hydrant is subject to violation and immediate tow away at the owner/operator's risk and expense.

3.3.3.Enforced:  Fire Routes/Fire Hydrants are enforced twenty-four (24) hours per day and seven (7) days per week. Parking in a fire route is subject to violation and immediate tow away at the owner/operator’s risk and expense.

3.4. Motorcycles: must have the permit displayed on the rear license plate, and be clearly visible.  Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle areas. 

3.5. Sleeping in Vehicles:  Sleeping in, or maintaining residence in vehicles, trailers, tents or similar temporary accommodation is prohibited on campus.

3.6. Snowmobiles & Trailers:  The use of snowmobiles and personal trailers are forbidden on University property.

3.7. Special Events:  From time to time the University of Guelph may re-allocate parking areas (in case of construction, emergency or special events).  Notices will be posted on the Parking Services website and at the lots effected.  Any vehicle(s) parked in areas closed for special events will result in a violation and subject to tow away at the owner/operator’s risk and expense.