Departmental Permits

If you are needing to purchase a permit for a department via departmental coding these are the permits that are available for departments:


  • Black zone permit parking is premium parking with a parking space in a specific interior parking lot (black zone designation) being reserved for each black zone permit-holder assigned to that specific black zone parking lot.
  • As a premium parking option on campus, black zone permit-holders are guaranteed parking availability in their assigned black zone parking lot with unlimited in-and-out privileges 24 hours/ day, 365-days/ year.
  • If interest or demand for black zone parking exceeds availability, a wait list may be maintained.

For more information regarding Black Zone Permits please ref to the PR Policy 1.2.23: Guideline B: Parking Service, sec B6.3.

Departmental Black Zone Parking Permit Form 

Each year a Department Black Zone Permit Permit Form must be completed and signed by BOTH the Chair/Dean and your Vice President before Parking Services can process it.  

Black Zone Permit(s) can be paid by departmental funding/grant funding. 

Departmental Black Zone Permit Application Form 

Departmental Black Zone Permit Rate
Permit Monthly Rate
Departmental Black Zone Permit  $155.00



  • Service vehicle parking spaces are restricted for use by certain University service units and registered service contractors while engaged and performing delivery or maintenance work or services on University property. 
  • Availability of service vehicle parking cannot be guaranteed and, should service vehicle parking become unavailable, service contractors may use any available public parking, excluding parking lots P31 and P44, and are required to pay the applicable parking fees without any compensation whatsoever from the University.
  • University service unit employees are not permitted to use service vehicle permit parking to park their personal vehicles in service vehicle parking spaces near their primary assigned work location.

For more information regarding Service Vehicle Parking Permits, please ref to the PR Policy 1.2.23: Guideline B: Parking Service, sec B7.2.

Departmental Service Vehicle Parking Permit Form

Service Permit(s) paid by departmental funding/grant funding must be signed by BOTH the Chair/Dean and your Vice President before Parking Services can process it.

  • Service Permits are valid only with the accompaniment of a Red Zone Permit. 
  • A Red Zone Permit must be purchased by staff (not using departmental funding) prior to a Service Permit being processed. 
  • Service permit being used as a Departmental floater permit intended for use by Visitor/Contractors, must also be accompanied with an Red Zone Parking Permit as well. 
  • Red Zone Permits are not to be paid via departmental funding for Staff/Faculty members.

Departmental Service Permit Application
Departmental Red Zone Permit Application 

Departmental Service Permit Rates
Permit Monthly Rate 
Service Vehicle Permit $80.00
Red Zone Permit $85.00



  • University vehicles must be registered on-line with Parking Services. 
  • University vehicles must be registered with Physical Resources, Vehicle Services Department. 
  • University vehicles will require a permit. 
  • University vehicles may only park in Red Zones, Yellow Zones or lot P30, no longer allowed to park in Service Vehicle spots. 
  • Permits are now virtual, no longer requiring a physical tag to hang in vehicles 



The University unit leader appoints a University unit permit-holder to administer and assume overall responsibility for the University units’ observance and compliance with this policy, including the regulations.

Availability of University vehicle parking cannot be guaranteed and University units remain fully responsible for operating, storing and parking their University vehicles in compliance with this policy, including the regulations, and for observing and complying with this policy, including the regulations.

University Vehicle Parking
Permit Monthly Rate
Black Zone Permit $155.00
Red Zone Permit  $85.00
Yellow Zone Permit  $75.00
Yellow Zone Permit (P30 ONLY) $65.00

Overnight parking may be restricted to facilitate winter maintenance work, including snow clearing, pushing or removal from December 1st through to and ending March 31st, whether snow is present or not. Information is available online regarding overnight parking restrictions times and locations.

For Staff/Faculty who need to work during the hours of 1am - 6am (Dec 1 - March 31) they will need an Overnight parking permit.  These permits must be paid via coding by your department.  

Overnight Permit Application Form 

Staff may provide up to three (3) vehicle license plates that will be linked to their Overnight Parking Permit.  All vehicles not linked to their permits will be at risk for being ticketed for Restricted Overnight parking. 

Overnight Permit Application Form

Overnight Permit Rate
Permit Flat Rate
Overnight Permit  $20.00


 If you have a visitor coming to campus you can still make an online reservation in one of our visitor lots, however now you also have the option to purchase daily permits for guests through our online portal. Each department can create an account and designate one person to oversee this account. You will then be able to purchase a permit and send a link to your guest which allows them to complete the required fields and assign a license plate to the permit. Please note this can only be purchased using departmenal coding. INSTRUCTIONS COMING SOON

Special parking arrangements for large University-sponsored special events or visiting groups, such as convocation, may be requested via email to with at least two weeks advance notice to Campus Parking Services. If such request can be accommodated at the University and is approved by Campus Parking Services, the University unit sponsoring the large group or special event may be charged the cost of the parking fees together with any additional costs incurred by Campus Parking Services for directional signage, traffic officers, etc.

Advance notice of parking lot closures/ re-purposing will normally posted several days in advance on the University website and at affected parking lots.

Any vehicle remaining parked at the time access to the parking lot has been closed or otherwise restricted for a University special event is in violation of this policy, including these regulations, and subject to University sanction, including immediate towing at the sole risk and expense of the driver/ owner.

Hosting an Event on Campus, this can all be done online with the Parking Portal, learn more

May 2020 - April 2021

Departmental Parking Rates
Departmental Permits Monthly Rates
Black Zone Permit $155.00
Red Zone Permit $85.00
Yellow Zone Permit $75.00
Yellow Zone Permit (P30 ONLY) $65.00
Service Vehicle $80.00
Overnight Permit (Dec 1- March 31) $20.00
Daily Guest Passes $12.00