Motorcycle Permits

Rates for May 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024



Permit Type Daily Annual

Motorcycle Permit

Motorcycle zone permit-holders cannot be guaranteed parking will be available in their preferred, or any, motorcycle zone parking lot, particularly during peak demand periods.

Motorcycle zone permit parking is optional parking for motorcycles with parking spaces in motorcycle zone parking lots being available on a first-come, first-serve basis to motorcycle zone permit-holders during posted hours of operation.  Motorcycle zone permits may be oversubscribed/ oversold.

Motorcycle zone permit-holders may park in any available parking space in any motorcycle zone parking lot.

If their preferred motorcycle zone parking lot is full, motorcycle zone permit-holders will be required to find parking, if available, in any other motorcycle zone parking areas. (Not valid in Black, Red or Yellow permit zones)

A motorcycle kickstand support plate must be used to prevent damage from the kickstand to the parking surface.

Motorcycle zone parking permits are typically issued on an annual basis subject to motorcycle zone permit availability.

No wait list is maintained for motorcycle zone permit parking.

Motorcycle Permits are non-refundable





Motorcycle - Paybyphone Locations

Pay for hourly & parking in multiple locations across campus.

Locate a space with a Paybyphone sign and complete the steps below.

PaybyPhone using the following options:

$20.50 per day
$3.25 per hour