TDM - Bicycle and Walking

U of G Bike RakeBicycle and Walking:

Safe, accessible routes from transit stops, attractive, and well-lit pathways, sidewalks and bike paths that connect to main entrances or activity areas promote the use of alternative modes of transportation such as walking, jogging, in-line skating and bicycling. These modes also promote healthy lifestyle choices. Parking and Transportation Services will assist Physical Resources in the planning and funding of bike routes, safe and secure bicycle storage on campus and the construction and repair of pathways from transit stops.  We have increased our bicycle rack capacity to store 1200 bicycles in our exterior bike racks. Over the 10-year period, Parking and Transportation Services will install covered and/or secure bicycle facilities across campus. The first two locations will be in the campus core near the University Center and on the west campus. In subsequent years, with input from the Bike Unit, Campus Community Police, additional locations for bicycle storage facilities will be identified across campus.