TDM - Parking Options

Picture of Guelph Transit Bus in U of G Bus LoopParking Options:

Flexible parking options will continue to be offered that allow individuals to purchase parking according to their individual needs. Parking is now available hourly, daily, monthly, semesterly and annually. It is proposed that a book of ten (10) daily parking passes at a reduced rate of $50.00 be introduced beginning May 1, 2009. This option will be attractive to individuals who need to bring their car to campus from time to time but choose to use alternate modes of transportation at other times. At $5/day this is considered a cost effective option instead of buying a monthly or semesterly permit.

For the 2009/10 fiscal year, it is also proposed to re-introduce a reduced rate lot to be located in parking lot #18 (Dundas Lane) on the perimeter of the campus. A lower priced permit will be available for people who will be restricted to park exclusively in this lot.  The permit will cost 75% of the annual permit. This is consistent with the discount offered to residence student restricted parking. 

Over the next fiscal year, Parking and Transportation Services will prepare a plan to expand the hours of paid parking through the establishment of pay/display parking lots.  The plan will include the cost and payback on the physical and operational changes that will be required.  Parking and Transportation Services are also planning to introduce pricing incentives that would encourage ridesharing including guaranteed space in a core lot for a reduced price. Parking and Transportation Services will also be looking at the feasibility of offering a Zipcar program at the University of Guelph.