University of Guelph Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan

Picture of City Bus in Bus LoopUniversity of Guelph Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan – Changing Our Travel Habits
2009/10 – 2019/20


Over the years our society’s dependence on the private automobile as the primary source of travel has grown substantially. This growing trend has led to mounting congestion, decreases in air quality and increased investment in valuable land space dedicated to roads and parking facilities. It is increasingly evident that the University of Guelph can no longer afford to continue expanding its transportation network to meet this ever increasing demand for both economic and environmental reasons. The University is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and expanding other sustainability initiatives.

In addition, as construction and maintenance costs continue to spiral upward in relation to parking lots, roads and walkways, connection to bus routes, parking lots and roads, we must seek more viable solutions to meet our future transportation needs. In order to develop an efficient and balanced transportation network for the University of Guelph, Parking and Transportation Services has developed this Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDM) for the main Guelph campus.

As one component of the overall approach for addressing these circumstances, The University is reviewing its parking options and related pricing framework. The goals to be pursued through this review are as follows.

  •  Reduce the demands placed on the current and future transportation system by the Single Occupant Motor Vehicle.
  • To increase community awareness of alternative transportation modes and encourage individuals to choose these alternative travel modes.
  • Adjust parking permit pricing to levels that are adequate to maintain our parking infrastructure.
  •  Assist in budget requirements for safety, security and emergency infrastructure for the University of Guelph.