My vehicle has been towed, how do I get it back?

How do I get my vehicle released?

Contact the Campus Community Police at extension 52245 for vehicle releases or further information and/or assistance. Vehicles that are ordered towed by the University can be retrieved by attending the Campus Community Police office, Trent Building, Trent Lane.  Arrangements must be made with the Campus Community Police for vehicle release prior to attending the vehicle storage compound.

Towing fee (payable to the towing company) is $95.00, plus a storage fee of $20.00 per calendar day. Pound release cost between 8pm and 8 am is an additional $43.00. On site release cost is $62.00. All prices include HST and are subject to change. Vehicles will be released upon payment via cash, certified cheque, Visa or Mastercard only. 

Towing charges do not include payment of parking fines.  Contact Parking Services for further information regarding your parking privileges and violations. 

More information regarding towed vehicle(s)