Parking Regulations - Towing Information


Vehicles will be released upon payment to the Towing Company via cash, Visa or MasterCard only. Towing charges do not include payment of parking fines. Arrangements must be made with the Campus Parking Services or Campus Community Police (after hours) for vehicle release prior to attending the vehicle storage compound.

7.1.Towing Fees

Compound Hours (8 am - 8 pm)

Fee (HST included)

Towing Fee

$95 + 20 (storage fee) = $115.00

Vehicle Drop Fee




After Hours (8 pm - 8 am)


Evening Release 8 pm - 8 am (Additional Charge)

$43.00 plus tow fee



Additional Charges


Storage/Per Day Fee (fee starts at midnight)


Two or More Trips on the same vehicle (each trip)

$43.00 (each trip) plus tow fee



All prices include the applicable taxes and are subject to change.

For Information regarding the Tow Procedure, refer to