Electric Vehicles


EV Charger Permit/Payment
Permit/Payment Monthly Rate
(taxes included)
starting September 2022
Monthly Rate
(taxes included)
May '23 - Apr '24
Green EV Permit (only valid with a Red/Yellow Permit)  $22.60, 4 HR MAX -
Green/Red EV permit (valid at EV charge and red zones) -   $113.25, 4 HR MAX @ EV
Green/Yellow EV permit (valid at EV charge and yellow zones) - $102.00, 4 HV MAX @ EV
Paybyphone* $3.00 per hour/4 HR MAX $3.25 per hour/4 HR MAX
HONK* $3.00 per hour/4 HR MAX $3.25 per hour/ 4 HR MAX

*Plus transaction fee



  • Electric vehicle charging station parking can be accessed by green parking permit holders for the purpose of charging their electric vehicle.
  • A Green/Red Parking Permit is valid at EV stations (max 4 HRS) and red zones.
  • A Green/Yellow Parking Permit is valid at EV stations (max 4 HRS) and yellow zones .
  • Electric vehicle charging stations are reserved for electric vehicles to park while being charged.
  • Electric vehicles are only permitted to be parking in an electric vehicle charging station parking space during the active charging cycle up to a daily maximum of four hours.
  • Any electric vehicle that remains parked after the daily maximum of four hours has elapsed is in violation of this policy, including these regulations, and subject to University sanction.
  • Electric vehicle charging station parking spaces can be accessed by those who do not hold either a green/red parking permit or green/yellow permit, by paying the appropriate parking fees through PaybyPhone/HONK. The parking rate charged is for parking only and there will be no charge for electricity as a commodity.
  • University fleet vehicles are exempt from having to hold a parking permit while using an electric vehicle charging station parking space.


Lot  # of charging stations in each lot Paybyphone/HONK Code
P4 2 416333
P15   8 416340
P12 8 416354
P23 6 416341
P30 8 416342
P31 4 416343
P48 3 416344
P49 4 416345
P59 2 416351
GTI 2 5453 (HONK)

Total of 47 - EV40R Level 2, EV Charging Stations on campus now!!!

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EV Support Label

Each EV charger is labelled with a ID plaque. The plaques identify each charger with a unique Charger Number, Parking Lot Number, and QR code(& URL) to the main campus EV Charger support web site

The EV charger support site contains links to online forms, including:

  • UofG Electric Vehicle listserv community sign up form.
  • EV charger issues reporting form.
  • Additional links and trouble shooting guides for EV users.

          Take a look


Paybyphone Codes for EVs

Lot Code
P4 416333
P12 416354
P15 416340
P23 416341
P30 416342
P31 416343
P48 416344
P49 416345
P59 416351
HONK Codes for EVs
Lot Code
P70 (GTI) 5453