Departmental Online Guest Permits

Department Online Guest Permits 

When would you use this type of request? Departments can use this request for guest parking outside of the visitor locations (P31/P44).

Where will they park? Red or Yellow zones across campus - they are not location specific.

Who pays? EITHER! You decide if you would like to cover the cost or have your guest pay.

Why would I set this up, if my guest is paying? To enhance the guest experience by providing parking arrangements in advance. When they arrive to campus they have one less thing to worry about!

What is the cost? The cost varies from $5.25 - $15.25 per day, depending on colour zone/location

How does it work? Departments complete online request (in advance -see instructions below). Once complete, department receives confirmation email with special parking code. Department provides guest with special parking code (from confirmation email) and the guest does the rest! 

What if I send someone a link but they don't use it? You are only billed for the permits that are registered. If they do not register for the permit, you will not be charged.



Step 1:

Set up a Departmental account via our online parking portal.  Once you have created a Departmental Account, please contact Parking Services so we can give you access to the Departmental Guelph Online Permit Request Form. 

Once you have access. login via the Departmental Login Page.  Click on "Request Departmental Guest Permits" button and follow the prompts.

 The form will include the following:  

  • The date the permit(s) are required.  
  • The number of permits you would like to reserve
  • How many each guest can have access to
  • The facility/area you would like them to park in.    
  • Coding: If you enter your coding in, your guests parking will be paid by the department. 
    • If you want your guests to pay for their parking, you leave that field blank.  

Step 2:

Once your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. You will send this email to your guest(s) so they can register for the permit. The email has all of the information they need.


Guest Requirements:  

After your guest receives your email, they will register the permit by completing the following:

1. Create a Visitor Parking  Account. 

2. Login to their new account using the Visitor Login Page

3. Copy the link (from your email) and paste it into the URL bar (overtop of the existing url address).

4. The page will update to say "Purchase a Permit".

5. Scroll down and select "Next" to continue to the following page.

6. Enter Address and Contact information as prompted, scroll down and select "Next" to continue to the following page.

7. Select Permit (don't worry about the dates), scroll down to read/acknowledge the "Permit Agreement" and select "Next" to continue to the following page.

8. Select "Add Vehicle" and enter license plate and vehicle information and select "Next". 

9. Select their vehicle from the list, scroll down and select "Next" to continue to the following page.

10. Confirm information displayed on this page and select "Process Permit" to complete.

This will allow them to park on campus in the location you have chosen, on the day requested.