Parking Policy and Regulations

Responsible Office: Campus Parking Services

Responsible Officer: Associate Vice President, Ancillary Services

Effective Date: July 1, 2020

Previous Reviews: See Revision History

Approving Authority: Vice-President (Finance & Operations)


The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University activity by:

  • Supporting pedestrian and vehicular traffic accessing, entering onto, circulating within, and exiting from University property; and
  • Providing parking services on University property established through the University Campus Master Plan.


The approving authority has overall responsibility, authority and jurisdiction for the development, implementation, and administration of this policy, including enforcement of applicable legislation and this policy, on University property. Operational responsibilities and authorities are delegable by the approving authority to other departments. For further clarity, Campus Community Police enforces legislation and University policy, including this policy.

The approving authority develops, implements, and operates a system for the regulation of (pedestrian and vehicular) traffic and parking that meets the purpose of this policy. The system aligns with the University’s strategic and operational framework. It reflects University values and is informed by best practices among similar municipal and institutional systems.

The system also aligns with legislation, whether federal, provincial or otherwise, relating to (pedestrian and vehicular) traffic and parking, and applicable to the University, to University property or to activity on University property. The University may supplement applicable legislation with further prohibitions, restrictions or other requirements considered advisable by the University.

This policy applies at all times to every person while on University property and to every vehicle entering, on or exiting University property. Any person found to have violated legislation or University policy, including this policy, may be subject to University sanction, including, but not limited to, incurring financial fines, having parking privileges revoked, and/ or in the case of employment, be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


Criminal Code of Canada (Ontario) Trespass to Property Act (Ontario)
Highway Traffic Act (Ontario) Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Ontario)
Ontario Fire Code Provincial Offences Act (Ontario)
Reserved Parking for Electric Vehicle Charging Act, 2019  
University Policy 1.2.53 Video Surveillance System Policy XIV General Information: Policy on Non- Academic Misconduct & Students Rights & Responsibilities 
University Policy on Protection of Privacy and Access to Information at the University of Guelph  
Community Standards Protocol Residence Community Living Standards


Guideline A: Principles & Standards
Guideline B: Parking Services
Guideline C: Permit Parking
Guideline D: Regulations
Guideline E:  Summary of Violations & Fines


Rev Date Description of Changes
July 2020 Review and Update of Document 
Jan 2021 Added new legalisation regarding EV charging stations
May 2022  Review and Update of Document 
July 2022  Added new wording - EV charger permits, updated permit information
Oct 2022 Updated hours, titles Responsibilities 
April 2023  Review and Update of Document, new green EV permit
June 2023  Add new wording - trailer/campers and e-bikes

Alternate formats of information and documentation and communication supports can be requested by emailing Campus Parking Services at