Update Email Address

Adding an Email Address

Log into our ebusiness website using your central login and password.  You may enter as many email addresses as you like to your account. 

To add an email address to your records, select the "Add an Email Address" button below.  After you enter in your email address, you have two address types to choose from "Campus" and "Other".  Campus are used for any University of Guelph email address.  Other may be used for any email address outside of the University.  Then click submit.

If you would like to change the Priority of your email address.  Click on the number beside the email address you would like to be priority 1.  Then click on the button "Mark Priority 1".  It will bump all email addresses down one number and put that address in the number one selection spot. 

Hotmail email address do not always work.  If possible please use another email address.

Deleting an Email Address

You can not delete/remove any email addresses from your account.  If you wish to remove an email address please email questions@parking.uoguelph.ca; include your name, staff/student id# and the email address you would like to have removed.